Saturday, March 14, 2009

More About My New Book Series

Hello to all my brothers & sisters out there who believe in abstinence as much as we do. I want to thank everyone who has ordered advance copies of my book “Green Brook High”. We have some exciting news for those of you who prefer to buy ‘in store’. The official release date has been set as April 2nd.
Now for you who haven’t heard about it, “Green Brook High” is a series of books I’m writing. It’s life changing Bible based fiction for teenaged girls and young women. Vol. I deals with abstinence from pre-marital sex, drugs & alcohol, lust, forgiveness, honesty, friendship and more. I deal with these issues honestly from a biblical standpoint. They’re hard-hitting truth.
Please check out my website at WWW.GREENBROOKHIGH.WEBS.COM where you can read a few chapters of Vol. I and order your copy at a discount.
Listen there is something else too. If you do not want to buy the book, or don’t know of a teen who could use the book, I ask that you consider making a donation. The money donated goes toward marketing this book and abstinence education. Lastly if you have a youth group, church or book store that is anywhere close to my local area (Paris Texas) I am more than willing and excited to do speaking engagements on abstinence , Pre-marital sex and a variety of other serious issues involving our teen and young adults along with book signings.
If these issues truly are important to you than please help us by buying a book, making a donation and/or setting up an engagement. You may e-mail me regarding available dates & times ect. ,or if you just have a question or comment, at KATYALRYTE@GMAIL.COM

I look so forward to hearing from you. May God Bless You All , and thank you again for your support and prayers on this serious topic.


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